Student(s) -- All individuals who have registered and paid to attend Musiark School of Music for individual music lessons or, group music classes are classified as a Student;

Musiark School of Music – hereinafter referred to as (“the School”);

Administrative Fee – A one-time fee for every new registration that a Student is required to pay in their tuition. The Administrative Fee is $_____ and is subject to increase without notice;

Security Deposit – Each Student will pay a Security Deposit upon registration in a group lesson or individual class. The amount of the Security Deposit will vary depending on the musical instrument the Student is learning and is at the sole discretion


  1. All Students are required to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the commencement of their lesson or class.
  2. All Students will be required to sign an attendance sheet at the commencement of the lesson or class.
  3. In the event a Student is 20 minutes late to a lesson or class, without 48 hours written notice, the lesson or class will be counted as “absent” and no reimbursement will be offered. Additionally, if a Student is absent from a lesson or class, or, attends a class late, without 48 hours prior written notice, the Student will not be entitled to make up the lesson or class.
  4. If the Student is enrolled in a class with two (2) or more Students, one Student will not unilaterally be permitted to reschedule the class. A class with two (2) or more Students will need to be rescheduled by consent of all Students and the instructor.
  5. In the event a Student misses a class due to medical reasons, the Student will be required to provide the School with a doctor’s note.
    1. Should the Student be required to miss four (4) weeks or more of classes or lessons due to medical reasons, please immediately advise the School and alternative arrangements may be made with each Student on an individual basis.
  6. Students will be permitted to pay for their lessons or classes by way of personal cheque(s) or debit card. The School will accept payment for tuition in monthly instalments or, by lump sum payments for each term the Student is registered in classes or lessons.
  7. In the event a Student chooses to cancel their individual lesson or their group class    after lessons and classes have commenced before the fourth lesson of the term, Students will be required to complete a withdrawal form to receive a refund of fifty (50) percent of the remaining tuition, less administration fees. Students will not be reimbursed for administrative fees or security deposits on all instruments. All withdrawals are subject to express permission from the School.
  8. During scheduled classes or lessons, all students must ensure their cellular devices are on silent unless otherwise granted permission by the instructor. Photos and video recording are prohibited unless with the School’s permission. During classes and lessons where there is more than one (1) Student, all Students must refrain from excessive noise and movement in and out of the room to avoid disruption. Students who fail to follow this rule will be asked to leave the lesson or class.
  9. While Students are permitted to bring a friend or family member with them to their lesson or class and observe, only one (1) person will be permitted to stay in the room for the lesson or class.
  10. All Students must remove their accessories prior to the commencement of class. A container for safekeeping will be provided by the School. Accessories include, but are not limited to:
    1. All jewelry including watches, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc.;
    2. Hats;
    3. Other items deemed unacceptable by the School.
  11. All food or drinks are prohibited from entering the classroom to avoid damage to the instruments and equipment. Any damage caused by a Student for failing to abide by this clause will result in the Student reimbursing the School for the cost of repair.
  12. All Students and accompanying friend or family member must throw all trash and other litter in the appropriate garbage bin both inside the classroom and inside the facility.
  13. All Students and accompanying friend or family member must remove their outdoor footwear prior to entering the facility. Indoor shoes and/or socks are permitted to be worn inside the facility.
  14. If applicable, all Students are required to bring their personal instrument with them to their designated lesson or class.
  15. The School is not responsible or liable for loss or damage to a Student’s personal belongings or instruments.
  16. All Students under the age of eighteen (18) who attend the School are the responsibility of their designated parent or guardian before, during and after lessons and classes at the School. Should a situation arise where a Student is injured while at the School, the School will not be responsible or liable for such injury.
  17. After the Student’s class or lesson finishes, the School will not be responsible or held liable for any Student who is waiting for a parent or guardian to pick them up from the School. All arrangements for a Student’s pickup will be coordinated between the Student and the parent or guardian.
  18. All Students must notify the School of any allergies or medical conditions prior to the commencement of all classes and lessons.
  19. The School will be closed on all statutory holidays observed in Manitoba.